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USA National Parks: Lands of Wonder

Код: 2100026284
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Автор Коллектив авторов
Издательство DK (Dorling Kindersley)
Cтраниц 256
Год 2024
ISBN 978-074-409-510-4
Обложка твердая
Язык Английский
Формат 90x108/16 (210x258 мм.)

О книге USA National Parks: Lands of Wonder

Celebrate the beauty, history, and cultural importance of Americas 63 national parks.

The USAs National Parks truly are places of wonder: staggering landscapes of jaw-dropping dimensions and incredible diversity where you can stand on the very edge of civilization. They are the earths breathing spaces; precious places to conserve nature and wildlife for future generations. And they are playgrounds filled with countless places to hike, camp, climb, swim and paddle, where you and your family can create lifelong memories of freedom and wide-open spaces.

Revised and updated, and featuring the newest national park, New River Gorge, USA National Parks: Lands of Wonder is a celebration of these magnificent spaces. Between its pages youll discover beautiful photography and inspiring ideas - perfect for planning your next adventure, whether you want to be alone amid the vast and haunting wilderness of Alaskas Denali Park or get up close to the teeming tropical wildlife of Floridas Everglades. All 63 national parks are covered in order of designation, showcasing what makes each one unique, with the help of maps, facts and figures, things to do, and when and where to experience it at its best.

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