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Wild Ride: Inside Ubers Quest for World Domination

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Автор Адам Лашински
ISBN 9780241278482
Cтраниц 240
Год 2017
Издательство Penguin
Обложка Мягкая
Язык Английский
Формат 70х100/16 (170х240 мм.)

О книге Wild Ride: Inside Ubers Quest for World Domination

You can buy this book in russian translation, book title "Uber. Инсайдерская история мирового господства."

You can buy this book in ukrainian translation, book title"Дика гонка. Як Uber підкорював світ."

Uber is one of the most fascinating and controversial businesses in the world, both beloved for its elegant ride-hailing concept and heady growth, and condemned for CEO Travis Kalanicks ruthless pursuit of success at all cost.

In Wild Ride, Adam Lashinsky, veteran Fortune writer and author of Inside Apple, traces the story of Ubers meteoric rise: from its murky origins to its plans for expansion into radically different industries. The company has already poached entire departments from top research universities in a push to build the first self-driving car and possibly replace the very drivers its worked so hard to recruit.

With access to current and former employees, as well as CEO Travis Kalanick, this book will be the first to unlock Ubers vault. Its a story that start-up founders, business executives, tech-savvy readers, and drivers and riders will find riveting.

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