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Strange Sally Diamond

Код: 2100026262
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Автор Лиз Нуджент
Издательство Penguin
Cтраниц 384
Год 2024
ISBN 978-024-199-357-6
Обложка твердая
Язык Английский
Формат 60х90/16 (145х215 мм.)

О книге Strange Sally Diamond

Sally Diamond cannot understand why what she did was so strange. She was only doing what her father told her to do, to put him out with the rubbish when he died.

Now Sally is the centre of attention, not only from the hungry media and police detectives, but also a sinister voice from a past she cannot remember. As she begins to discover the horrors of her childhood, Sally steps into the world for the first time, making new friends and big decisions, and learning that people dont always mean what they say.

But who is the man observing Sally from the other side of the world? And why does her neighbour seem to be obsessed with her? Sallys trust issues are about to be severely challenged . . .

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