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Mix n’draw travel sketchbook. Venice

Mix n’draw travel sketchbook. Venice

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Автор Виталий Дець
Издательство Неизвестно
Cтраниц 17
Год 2018
Обложка мягкая
Язык Английский

О книге Mix n’draw travel sketchbook. Venice

After many years of teaching painting, Vitali found out that people could select the exact color much better when they have a wide range of shades on the palette. When people try to mix colors from vivid hues, they always get the same results. For example, for the sky, they select blue + white, which does not correspond to natural colors. Otherwise, when they have thousands of colors shades on the palette they tense to hit the exact natural color because they can compare it with others. It helps a lot by plein air painting in conditions of shortage of time. Secondly, the ready-mixed palette has already a set of colors, which are already in a harmony. So the artist has to simply apply them to a specific form.

I have created a new method for painting – #mixndraw, in which the artist has a ready-made mix of colors on the special palette. Watercolor paints are applied to a palette, on which every smear and its shade is visible. The artist selects the color shade he needs and puts it on a pre-printed sketch. Thus, the artist creates a picture in a certain gamma, without thinking about what hues to mix. It is best to apply this method by plein air painting, since it saves precious time.

– 10+1 pre-printed sketches of the interesting views in Venice. Sketches are 22*14 cm (5.7*8.6 inch) printed on watercolor paper Fabriano 200 gsm. and perforated allowing you to tear a page out. Every sketch has its QRcode with geolocation so the artist can find quickly the viewpoint for a plein air painting. One page is without a sketch allowing an artist to do its own sketch.
– 11 palettes with ready-mixed watercolor paints applied by Vitali Dets. I used my experience of mixing natural colors and personally colored each palette. Every palette is unique. Palette itself is made of the specific material, which does not absorb water and keeps the shape of a brush stroke. Colors on the palette – professional watercolors «Van Gogh» by Royal Talens.
– 10 printed photos of the recommended places to visit in Venice (size 10*15).
– One extra watercolor sheet to place between your sketch and palette, avoiding getting paints from the palette.
– Aqua brush – average size.
*Used palettes you can easily reuse for other paintings or simply put in the frame as an abstract art
Sketchbook has 17 pages, 5.7*8.6 inch wire-bound book
Includes one aqua brush
Printed on Italian watercolor paper Fabriano

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