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Think Simple. How Smart Leaders Defeat Complexity

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Автор Кен Сигалл
Издательство Penguin
Cтраниц 233
Год 2016
ISBN 978-024-100-444-9
Обложка мягкая
Язык Английский
Формат 60x100/16 (145х240 мм.)

О книге Think Simple. How Smart Leaders Defeat Complexity

Ken Segall, bestselling author of Insanely Simple shows how any company can leverage the power of simplicity - based on exclusive insights from business leaders around the world
In Insanely Simple, Segall showed how Steve Jobs' love of simplicity propelled Apple from near-bankruptcy to the world's most valuable company. Now he explores how other companies, in a range of industries, all over the world, are simplifying their way to success--providing real-life examples that can inspire others to do the same.
Segall's interviews with leaders from more than forty diverse companies demonstrate the power of simplicity on multiple levels. Readers will discover:
·How South Korea's second biggest credit card company, Hyundai Card, used the power of simplicity to turn around a business losing two billion dollars a year.
·How Australia's biggest telecom, Telstra, tapped the power of simplicity to reverse a severe drop in customer satisfaction ratings and stock price.
·How a simple concept drove the architecture, location, hiring, and record-setting global success of the retail Apple Stores.
·How adherence to a simple mission helped propel StubHub to create a consumer revolution.
·How The Blue Man Group used the principles of simplicity to grow from a local street act to a multinational creative network.
·How Ben & Jerry's, Whole Foods, and Charles Schwab embraced the principles of simplicity to create their own success stories.
Segall distills the philosophies and methods of all these successful companies into nine useful chapters, each of which explores a key component of simplicity--Mission, Culture, Leadership, Brand, Scale, Streamlining, Team, Love, and Instinct. The combined insights of Segall and accomplished business leaders help readers create a roadmap to simplicity of their own.

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