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Ukrainian Cuisine in 70 Dishes

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Автор Евгений Клопотенко
Издательство Книголав
Cтраниц 176
Год 2021
ISBN 978-617-7820-85-6
Обложка твердая
Язык Английский
Формат 80x100/16 (195х240 мм.)

О книге Ukrainian Cuisine in 70 Dishes

What are the first dishes that come to mind when you hear the words “Ukrainian cuisine”? Is it borscht or dumplings? You know what else would have come to mind if you were a 19th-century Ukrainian? Shpundra, teteria, kvasha and many other dishes. What is the authentic Ukrainian cuisine, and which forgotten dishes deserve a revival? Ievgen Klopotenko is answering these questions in his new book. He has spent several years exploring Ukrainian cookbooks from different eras, travelling across Ukraine and consulting with historians to develop his own vision of the Ukrainian cuisine.
This book compiles 70 recipes that could bridge the gap between the Ukrainian culinary past and the present. You will rediscover the long forgotten Ukrainian dishes with a contemporary twist and new takes on old favorites.
“The world doesn’t know much about Ukrainian cuisine, and it’s high time to change that. I have brought together the Ukrainian culinary heritage with contemporary cooking techniques to show off Ukrainian cuisine in all its diversity, with its unique superfoods, mouth-watering recipes and reimagined traditions.”
Ievgen Klopotenko

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Святкові страви ...
Евгений Клопотенко
Ці дивовижні українці ...
Ирина Тараненко, Юлия Курова, Елизавета Невежина, Алена Шостко
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Колсон Уайтхед
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