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111 Places in Cambridge That You Shouldnt Miss

Код: 2100015400
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Автор Розалінд Хортон, Саллі Сіммонс
Видавництво Emons Publishers
Сторінок 240
Рік 2019
ISBN 978-374-080-147-2
Обкладинка м'яка
Мова Англійська
Формат 60х90/16 (145х215 мм.)

Про книгу 111 Places in Cambridge That You Shouldnt Miss

What do movable dolls eyes have to do with a Catholic church? Where could you meet Plain Bob Maximus and Surprise Major? Why does just one person know where Oliver Cromwells head is buried? And where is a dog a very large cat?

The answers to all these questions lie in Cambridge, which combines the magnificence of a medieval university with the dynamism of a high-technology hub.

Tens of thousands of visitors flock to Cambridge every year to see the colleges, go punting on the river, and shop. But there is much more to Cambridge than its university and Silicon Fen.

Over the centuries, town and gown together have transformed this city, which was an inland port until the 17th century. Eccentricity is something of a Cambridge tradition, and the town seems to delight in taking its visitors by surprise, whether thats with a huge metal time-eating grasshopper, May Balls held in June, sculptures that dive into the ground feet first, or a museum that makes a feature of broken pottery.

You will find these and many more curiosities in this book.

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