Apocalypse: 40 Rules of Survival - Юрій Нікітінський: купити книгу в kniga.biz.ua (арт. 2100021990)

Apocalypse: 40 Rules of Survival (Передзамовлення)

Код: 2100021990
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Автор Юрій Нікітінський
Видавництво Артбукс
Сторінок 96
Рік 2023
Обкладинка тверда
Мова Англійська
Формат 72x102/16 (170x240 мм.)

Про книгу Apocalypse: 40 Rules of Survival

Invasion of aliens? A zombie invasion? Or a pandemic?! The main thing is not to panic, because we have prepared!
We have done everything possible and impossible so that children and adults are ready for any emergency situation. Imagine the funniest apocalypse advice book. Can you imagine? So this book is THREE...no, TEN times funnier!
What could be better than a fun reading with the whole family?!
Why should you buy:
• The rules of a long and happy life are laid out in a humorous way.
• We learn to overcome difficult situations with positivity and destroy the framework! The book shows children that the described rules are not restrictions, but additional steps on the way to the goal.
• This book is an excellent antiseptic against panic and a protective suit against stereotypes.
• In vividly depicted situations, every child recognizes himself. An irreplaceable book for all occasions!
• A survival briefing awaits us, buckle up!

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