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Ukrainian Womens Magic Traditions

Код: 2100009890
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Автор Лада Лузіна
Видавництво Фоліо
Сторінок 64
Рік 2020
ISBN 978-966-03-8957-1
Обкладинка тверда
Мова Англійська
Формат 70х108/8 (265х340 мм.)

Про книгу Ukrainian Womens Magic Traditions

Lada Luzina — Golden Writer of Ukraine: “The folk rites of our great-grandmothers are so riddled with magic that there is no doubt — it was these real holidays and rituals that became the basis for all the famous legends and tales of Kiev witches.

Reading now about the magical traditions of Ukrainians, you never cease to be amazed at what unique ancestors and knowledge our ancestors possessed! What a special, unique role a woman played in the Ukrainian community! And from what great depths these or other customs come!”

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Зміст Ukrainian Womens Magic Traditions

How Ukrainian girls proposed to young men 
Bryksyas – Ukrainian 8th March
A Witch as a National Heroine! 
A Spinning Wheel as a Magic Wand
Ukrainian Rushnyk and Vyshyvanka
Women’s Festival – Kolodiy 
The Magic Porridge Pot 
Swilling Women with Water
to Call for Rain 
The May Queen 
A Wreath for a Mermaid 
Women’s Easter 
Naked Days 
Zilot Day. Collecting Magic Herbs! 
Magic Herbs 
Magic Herbs 
Women’s Festival “Drive Vulture Away” 
Kupalo – The Wedding of Fire and Water 
From First to Third Most Holy Mother –
Days of Women’s Power 
Thistle Decoration on 1st September
Women’s Intercession holiday 
Women’s Destiny Days 
Betrothed on Andrew’s Eve 
Fortune Telling with Balabukhy Buns 
1st January as the 1st Day of the Year 
Winter Fortune Telling Calendar 
Christmas Fortune Telling
Floating Candle Fortune Telling 
Mitten Fortune Telling 
Blindfold Fortune Telling

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