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Flight: The Evolution of Aviation

Код: 2100014722
Купити Flight: The Evolution of Aviation Стівен Вулфорд, Карл Ворнер
1524 грн
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Автор Стівен Вулфорд, Карл Ворнер
Видавництво Carlton Books
Сторінок 160
Рік 2019
ISBN 978-023-300-574-4
Обкладинка тверда
Мова Англійська

Про книгу Flight: The Evolution of Aviation

On the 100th anniversary of the very first nonstop transatlantic flight, and the 50th anniversary of the debut flights of the Boeing 747 and Concorde, this lavishly illustrated volume celebrates the wonders of aviation.

Witness the daring exploits and dangerous challenges that form the story of flight in this beautifully illustrated book, filled with rare photographs and historical documents that include groundbreaking designs, patents, and logbooks. Published in the year that marks 50 years since the first flight of the Boeing 747 and of Concorde, it describes the early pioneers, such as the Wright brothers and Alcock & Brown, as well as the highly skilled engineers developing aircraft today.

From the early hot-air balloons of the Montgolfiers to the complex technology behind military jets and space rockets, Flight reveals how air power emerged as a new means of military combat and how it became the leading mode of international travel, all in the space of less than a century.

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