Management in Times of War. Leadership Examples from Ukraine’s Government and Private Sector - Костянтин Кошеленко: купити книгу в (арт. 2100024340)

Management in Times of War. Leadership Examples from Ukraine’s Government and Private Sector

Код: 2100024340
Купити Management in Times of War. Leadership Examples from Ukraine’s Government and Private Sector Костянтин Кошеленко
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Автор Костянтин Кошеленко
Видавництво Кінцевий бенефіціар
Сторінок 320
Рік 2024
ISBN 978-617-7982-10-3
Обкладинка тверда
Мова Англійська
Формат 60х90/16 (145х215 мм.)

Про книгу Management in Times of War. Leadership Examples from Ukraine’s Government and Private Sector

You can buy this book in ukrainian translation, book title "Менеджмент у часи війни. Лідерство, ефективність та життєстійкість ".

The first 100 prepaid copies go with the autograph of Kostiantyn Koshelenko!
When it comes to war, the first thoughts are military actions and their strategy. But the war is also a test for the economy, state bodies, culture and social relations. And this book is exactly about that.
The book is a collection of tools and ideas by Kostiantyn Koshelenko on maintaining productivity, team development and commitment to one's own values in an environment where chaos is becoming the new norm.
In addition to the author, 40 Ukrainian and international managers from 12 countries share their experience and lessons learned during crisis situations.
The book will be useful for people who are determined to grow professionally in management and leadership in any setting, regardless of the level of training and experience.
In difficult circumstances and under conditions of very limited resources, you feel that you do not always use all the effective and, in general, normal management practices, even those that you know well.
Self-reflection is not only a way to improve yourself, but also an opportunity to help others avoid mistakes. This book provokes thinking about management, and this impulse is as valuable as its content.
In his book Kostiantyn Koshelenko draws on his experience leading Ukraine's digital transformation during wartime to provide invaluable leadership insights. Through firsthand stories and expert perspectives, he explores how managers can motivate teams, foster innovation, and plan under conditions of extreme uncertainty. Koshelenko drives home the importance of adaptability, open communication, delegating responsibility, and self-care. While steeped in the urgent demands of wartime management, his lessons on everything from mitigating risk to optimizing remote work resonate for leaders navigating crises of any kind. His book is both a gripping account of Ukraine's tireless nation-building effort as well as a guide to remaining steadfast and productive even when the ground shakes beneath you.
Ian Bremmer, American political scientist and president of Eurasia Group
A good and interesting read. Its strength is the perspective it adds which is embodied and summarised in the title, ‘Management in times of War’.
I enjoyed it, and it chimes and reinforces much of what I teach at Open University Business School, what I experience in managing a large team (although in a country not at war), and also what I was taught when doing my MBA. In that sense, the book appeals to the practitioner and the student of management.
It adds value as leadership has a huge contextual aspect and it requires in depth discussion in times of conflict and war - this book adds to the body of knowledge and is an excellent contribution.
Antonio Garcia, PhD, MBA, PMPб Senior manager in the Scottish Government Civil Service, Open University Tutor, former Army Officer in South African National Defence Force.
Since February 24, 2022, Ukrainians, leaders of Ukrainian organizations and networks have demonstrated a resilience that no government in the world has ever believed in. 
Any large-scale success is the result of organized efforts. Whether united or decentralized. Much of the secrets of successful counteraction to the largest military and propaganda machine in the eastern hemisphere, russia, are in this book. 
The book is important not only to record the experience and make other democracies facing similar challenges more resilient. It is important for scaling up the result. So that Ukraine, freedom and democracy in the world can not only survive, but also win. For our descendants to be able to study history without the chapters on World War III. So that humanity could have them at all. Practical tools for such a victory are on the pages and in the hands of Management in Time of War.
Oleksandr Novikov, Head of the Ukrainian National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption
I learned in circumstances like these that leadership becomes more than just measuring KPIs, driving growth, or meeting revenue goals. Real leadership means giving a damn about those you’re responsible for.
Elon Musk has made good cars and rockets; the fortune he has amassed as a result of this doesn't make him a prophet. So curating and evaluating knowledge is just as crucial as amassing it. Critical thinking is a superpower. 
I think exemplarity gives leaders, where orders give managers.
Actions become much louder than words during these times, and after. 
Lean into innovation at every opportunity.
Take care of the Veterans. Forever. Not just today, tomorrow or over the next five years, but forever, at whatever cost. 
A.I., if embraced, has the power and potential to speed up Ukraine’s recovery and drive the country to a brighter future sooner as opposed to later. 
Claim Your Power as a Leader: You Are More Powerful than You Think
Whatever we focus on will expand. Whatever we focus on, we will get more of. It is Law. Our focus is powerful! 
Throughout it all, I’ve learned it is never about the new technological breakthroughs, It is about the Legacy systems that keep holding the new things back.
In the best case, bad decisions based on bad data only makes you lose money. But in the worst case, you lose lives.
Many say Data is the new Oil. They’re more right than they think. As Data, like Oil, is dirty, messy and practically worthless, unless you properly store and refine and apply it.
After discovering this much steel inside your veins, what can’t Ukraine build? What can’t Ukraine become? What sort of extraordinary people and country can rise from something like this?
Kostiantyn Koshelenko is a Deputy Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine for issues of digital development, digital transformations, and digitalization.
Born in 1983 in the city of Zaporizhia, where he obtained three higher educations: "Finance", "Computer systems and networks", and "Organization management".
Later in Kyiv, he received an MBA degree from the Kyiv-Mohyla Business School and a diploma from the Ukrainian Corporate Governance Academy.
Kostiantyn is an honorary professor at the Alfred Nobel University and the IBS-ANU International School of Business, where he lectures on transformational management.
He worked as the Deputy Chairman of the State Property Fund of Ukraine, and a top manager in banks and fintech companies, where Kostiantyn dealt with the development of regional networks and digital transformation of companies, as well as the implementation of Bank.ID, Apple Pay, Google Pay projects, and mobile applications and customer service systems in banks.
Today, in the Ukrainian government, Kostiantyn is responsible for the implementation of the Unified Information System of the Social Sphere, the development of online services for citizens, and other digital projects of the Ministry of Social Policy.
24% of the royalties for the book go directly to UNITED24
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Зміст Management in Times of War. Leadership Examples from Ukraine’s Government and Private Sector

Part 1. Team and Process
1.1. Reaction, Adaptation, and Changing Approaches
1.2. Resource Allocation and Process Organization
1.3. Working with a Team under Constant Stress
1.4. Leadership and Team. Thoughts of Expert Contributors.
Part 2. Resilience: Triumph and Tribulation
2.1. Hellish Agile. Project Management under Constraints
2.2. Managing Risks When It's Impossible to Manage
2.3. The Role of Technology and Innovation in System Resilience
2.4. Impact on Management of Technologies of the Last Decade. Contributors' Conclusions.
Part 3. Engagement and Scaling
3.1. 360 International Cooperation
3.2. Involving Volunteers and the Community
3.3. Marketing and Communication Not Taught in Business Schools
3.4. Management Practices and Expert Insights
Part 4. The Bedrock of Values
4.1. Learning and Development When No One Has Time for It
4.2. War-Life Balance. The Work and Life of a Manager
4.3. Sport - The Secret Weapon of Leaders
4.4. Personal Resilience in Turbulent Times. Alexia Mikel
Part 5. The Future
5.1. After Victory: Lessons and Practices in Peaceful Times and Historical Perspectives. Lauren Young
5.2. Conclusions and Principles of Turbulent Management. Roman Kuziuk
5.3. About the Next Book We Write Together. LinkedIn Community.
5.4. Post-War Reconstruction. Vision of the Contributors.
How I Wrote the Book - Personal Mindset
Our Insights
Profiles of Expert Contributors
Manager's Library in Times of War

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